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Colors of Character 2020

Steve Skipper is one of America’s most prolific and honored artists. His works have hung in the Professional Football Hall of Fame, the U.S. Capitol, the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the Paul W. “Bear” Bryant Museum, the National Art Museum of Sport, NCAA headquarters, and many other venues nationwide. They also grace the walls of private collectors and sports icons worldwide. Additionally, his inspirational Christian art has been purchased by and inspired thousands and he has beencommissioned to do numerous important historical and Civil Rights works.But there is so much more to this highly talented artist’s story. First, though praised for his technical skill and creativity, he is entirely self taught. Secondly, he became one of the first African Americans to gain acceptance and financial success in the art world. Even more amazing is the fact that this gentle, soft spoken man was once a member of a violent street gang, its chief enforcer, the fierce collector of drug debts.The big transformation in Steve Skipper’s life–one that almost certainly saved his life–came at a simple church revival service, one he attended on a dare, more to mock than to listen. There, he experienced a deep religious experience that altered his self destructive path completely. He left the gang the verynext day, even though that almost certainly meant death.Now, at the command of God, he has embarked on a new and even more important artistic path. Today, with Steve Skipper’s message, his success, and his talent, he inspires millions. And now, with this powerful documentary film, his amazing, true story and his powerful testimony will reach even more who so desperately need to hear his message of determination, salvation, strength through Christ, and deliverance from the demons that hold them back.

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