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De sas en sas 2016

When I watched this terrific little gem, I could not prevent myself to think about Sidney Lumet’s TWELVE ANGRY MEN, speaking of a group of men – jury members – locked in the room besides the court one and deciding together of who was guilty. Here, it is not question of twelve men but eight or nine women, and in a prison. But it is not question of inmates, nor ward sisters. It is question here of visitors; women visiting their husbands, brothers, sons or fathers behind bars. A topic never spoken about in any movie. The perfect topic for a short length film. You have here an outstanding piece of work, pulled by awesome performances. Most of the cast are non professional actresses who give a more than realistic, poignant scenes. It was set in a real prison: Fleury Mérogis, near Paris. This jail is not shown under its best side, nor the wardens, old timers and rookies. A masterpiece this little but great character study.

Duration: 82 min


IMDb: 7.2