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Four Wives 1939

Three of the four musically inclined daughters of Adam Lemp, the Dean of the Briarwood Music Foundation, are settling into their lives as wives, but not all is well. Thea Lemp has long since married wealthy banker, Ben Crowley. Thea makes a unilateral decision which may disrupt their marriage. Emma Lemp married their neighbor, florist Ernest Talbot, after realizing that she truly did love him and not their border, composer/conductor Felix Deitz, after Ernest’s actions at what was supposed to be Felix and Emma’s youngest sister Ann Lemp’s wedding. Emma receives some sad news which too may place a pall over her and Ernest’s marriage. And Ann, after the suicide death of her husband Mickey Borden who she married as his possible salvation, and Felix are once again engaged, he who she always truly loved. But the memory of Mickey, who was an acquaintance of Felix’s, may be a major roadblock on the road to happiness for Ann and Felix, especially as Mickey leaves something a little unexpected of himself that may always be that constant reminder. The fourth daughter, Kay Lemp, is herself embarking on a new relationship, with obstetrician turned research scientist Dr. Clinton Forrest Jr., who is determined to find out what is causing the lung problems, often fatal, of the lumbermen working on the other side of town.

Duration: 110 min


IMDb: 6.4