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Lucky Night 1939

After initially encountering each other casually in the employment office, Bill Overton and Cora Johnson run into each other later that evening by happenstance on a park bench. Beyond each looking for work, that trip to the employment office unsuccessful for both, their situations are slightly different. While Bill is a regular Joe who has been unable to hold a job for one reason or another in his want for a fun life regardless of what else is happening, Cora is an heiress, her want to work in an effort to find herself. After turning down the latest proposal of marriage, this one from Joe Hilton, Cora took the advice of her father, steel magnate Calvin Jordan, to work to find that excitement missing in her life, that excitement missing from the many men who have asked her to marry them. Cora took that advice one step further by wanting to find that job without her father’s help, and vowing not to go running home even if she was destitute. While this park bench meeting begins with them with no money and thus hungry and no roof over their respective heads to which to head “home”, Bill, in spending time with Cora, begins to believe that she is his lucky star in having enough good fortune to have that fun he so wants, and she in turn begins to see in Bill that excitement missing in her life. The question then becomes if they can maintain this special night into the sober light of day, the proverbial real life.

Duration: 82 min


IMDb: 6.1