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Noroît 1976

On a beach, Morag weeps over the lifeless corpse of her brother, Shane and vows to avenge his death. He was killed by Giulia, the leader of a band of pirates that inhabit the island’s castle. Amongst his band are three men, Jacob, Ludovico and Arno. Morag enlists Erika to be a spy in the pirate’s castle and she is employed by Giulia as a bodyguard. His pirate gang attack a boat and Erika attempts to use the distraction as an opportunity for Morag to stab Giulia. However, the plot fails when Morag is hesitant; the boat attack continues and Jacob is injured. Morag uses her dead brother’s body as a trap to ensnare another Giulia ally, Regina. She pours poison on the lips of Shane and leaves him in Jacob’s bed. Erika and Morag organize a theater where they mimic the scenario of Regina’s death. In a rage by the turn of events, Giulia kills a pirate. She then decides to send Jacob to seduce Erika. Meanwhile, Ludovico attempts to discover the location of hidden treasure. Morag is betrayed by Erika and stabs her. At a masked ball hosted by Giulia, Morag decides to attend and finally avenge Shane. In the battle of the two women, they kill each other.

Duration: 145 min


IMDb: 6.8