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The Lady Objects 1938

Ann Adams and William Hayward get married and she has a secretary’s job in a law office, while finishing her schooling, and she soon makes junior partner and is just a brilliant lawyer. Meanwhile, hubby has a mechanized draftsman job and and acts like a mechanical person…except when he sings. He gets fed up with Ann turning their home into a bar-associate club where all the lawyers argue cases out of court, and he drops out and drops in at a nightclub and gets a job as a singer, and makes more money than when he was draftsman in an architect’s office….and begins to imply that Ann should now be content with being a housewife, and Ann is having none of that. Later, she and her lawyer friends drop in at the club where William is singing, and she sees William getting vamped by one of the girl entertainers, gets sore and walks out..after insulting William. And..so they part and William gets an apartment and then a girl is found dead in his apartment, having accidentally strangled herself while drunk. But the law isn’t buying that, either, and William goes on trial for his life…and Ann is his defense attorney. Ann’s defense is that it was all her fault for being so career-minded and not providing William with the home-life he deserves…and the jury buys her 1938 sell-out. THey re-unite and Ann becomes Blondie Bumstead.

Duration: 66 min


IMDb: 5.5